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Full Moon Party

Full Night, full Moon Party

Full Moon Party is a very large party on the beach and it is the funniest Party at the same time. At the party, the participants never think of going back to bed, and the night time will run very fast.

To get more fun by book the Package of “Full Night Full Moon Party”

ExcursionsPro knows that “there are over 50,000 People want to participate in this World Class Party”, but the accommodation on Koh Pa-Ngan can be supported as just not over 10,000 People that make it very difficult and very expensive to book the Room in “Full Moon Party Period”. We had set up the “Full Night Full Moon Party” Package for the people who are unable to book the room.

Why do you need to book this package?

  • Because you need to be a Participant in this Great Party once in your lifetime.
  • To Be safe and secure, you need the “Professional Tour Staff to look after and facilitate the whole time of the Package (Start from the First Minute to the End.)
  • For sure that “We pick up from every hotel and drop off back to every hotel. During this time, our staff will set up Lunches and arrange the place to take a bath, Toilet or Sleeping Area.
  • Our office staff will be standing by at Rin Beach (Party Place) to look after and service in any urgent case.
  • How hard you have gotten drunk, for sure that there is a professional staff member who will take care of you back home for sure. As well as protects you in every problem. To make sure that you will get full of Party Happy without any worry about.

"Joining and touching the biggest crowd party of the world (Many secrets inside), ExcursionsPro takes you to join the Full Moon party as it is very safe and comfortable."

The Full Moon Party at Pha-Ngan Island has been considered by the tourists to be the greatest Party on the beach of the world nowadays.

What reasons for this consideration?

  1. Pha-Ngan is an island far from the mainland, in the Gulf of Thailand. The Island looks like it is hidden from the eyes of the world.
  2. Full Moon Party has been set on a very beautiful and quiet beach of Pha-Ngan, Haad Rin or Rin Beach.
  3. 10,000-20,000 People join the party on the long beach.
  4. Amid the quiet and darkness of Night, the Full Moon at Pha-Ngan was considered to be the most beautiful in the world as well.
  5. Going to Pha-Ngan is not easy (By car and ferry), it can screen the people who are trying to participate in the party and leave only the party lovers.

Excursions Pro Phuket very invites you to touch this atmosphere, the "Full Moon Party, a time in your life. Package: 2 Days 1 Night" from Phuket is the one you are looking for.

There are about 10,000-20,000 people participating every month at this Koh Phangan beach party. It is known as the Full Moon Party. International and Thai DJ's make the crowd dance and go wild. Just paint yourself in UV colors and let your body lose control.

The DJ's play all kinds of music; Techno, Trance, Goa, Drum n Bass, Dub, Reggae, "commercial hits", House etc on about 15 sound systems along Haad Rin beach.

The beach has been equipped with small tables where you can sit down with your friends or meet new ones from all over the globe. Drinks and food can be ordered from the restaurants and the bars along the Had Rin Nok beach.

Safety and Drugs

The Full moon Party is usually a safe place but please keep in mind; keep all values at home in a safe place such as a safety deposit box. Otherwise you might lose them, or make a thief happy. Be careful to walk away with strangers you don't know. Stay away from drugs, unless you don't like Thai prisons or want to end up in a "crazy hospital" in Surat Thani.

There are undercover police officers out there. Our suggestion is to stay away from so-called diet pills ("blue-whites"). People have become seriously sick after consuming too many of these without a prescription from a doctor.

Caffeine/taurine drinks such as Lipovitan, Red Bull, M-150, Carabao Daeng etc. can be bought almost everywhere. To most people, they are harmless if you are not allergic, or drink too much as caffeine in extreme dosages are probably not that good either. Not many wise people drink 20 cups of coffee either. Do not accept drinks from unknown people and keep an eye on your own. This is not an attempt to be a moral guide, we are just trying to tell the actual facts.

To Wear

We recommend you to wear shoes or strong sandals. Avoid dancing or walking around barefoot. If you step on a broken bottle, your holiday can be ruined. On your body you need "only" some UV color. On your face a big smile. ;-)


Please remember to keep these beautiful islands and the sea clean! Some people unfortunately use the Haad Rin Beach as a trash can.
If this, and other problems continue or even get worse in the future, there is a risk that the authorities will finally stop the party! Behave responsibly and let the party live on!
Please keep the beaches clean and be gentle with the natural resources on Koh Phangan

What is going on?

Don't waste your time on the Full moon Party if you don't like to meet people from all over the world. There are thousands of happy guys and gals dancing to pumping beats on a "paradise beach" in the moonlight. Or sit in the sand at the small tables with some friends and cheer a "Thai whiskey set" with local spirits like Mea Kong or Sang Som.

If you prefer beer, try a cold Thai beer such as Singha, Beer Chang, Archa or Kloster etc. There are also other beer brands available, such as Heineken, Tiger, Corona etc. and of course a number of non-alcoholic alternatives such as Gatorade and other sports drinks, fruit juices, fruit shakes and soft drinks.

If you are into dancing, do not forget to drink a lot of water so you won't end up dehydrated. Delicious traditional Thai food as well as pasta, pizza, burgers, salads, soups etc. is found in the restaurants and at food stalls. Prices are often very reasonable.

Brief Programs

Day One
08:00 AM: Pick Up from every hotel in Phuket, Khao Lak or Krabi by “VIP Minibus” and directly drive to the Ferry Pier-DonSak Pier.
  Stop for sip a cup of Coffee, Tea or any Soft Drink (During the way)
  Arriving at the Pier, our staff set up the Thai Set Menu Lunch at Pier Restaurant.
  Take the ferry to Koh-Paghan.
  3 Hours more sleep on Ferry.
17:00 PM: Arrival the Pier.
  Our Minibus (It goes to the Island with you by the Ferry), will continue to take the group to Rin Beach. Recommend the shower rooms. All your bags or belongings can be keeped in our minibus. The driver & crews will look after them. 100% Safe.
  Refreshing your body, showering, changing or writing some art on the body. Be ready for the “Full Night, Full Moon Party.”

Day Two
06:00 AM: Every people back to the “Mini-Bus” Sip Hot Coffee or Tea (It will be set up by our staff) Take you back to the Pier.
08:30 AM: Take the ferry.
  Sleep on the Ferry 3 Hours More.
  Arrival the Pier and take the Minibus Continue
13:30 PM: Stop For Set Menu Lunch and Drink more coffee (If you like)
16:30 PM: Arriving at your hotel.

Schedule of Full Moon Party at Pha-Ngan Island

25 February 2024
24 March 2024
23 April 2024
23 May 2024
21 June 2024
22 July 024
19 August 2024
17 September 2024
18 October 2024
15 November 2024
15 December 2024

This price includes:

  1. Round trip transfer from Phuket;
    (VIP Air-condition High Roof Minibus + VIP Ferry)
  2. Insurance: (Accident 1,000,000 Baht)
  3. English Tour Guide.
  4. Meals: 2 Lunches, 2 Coffee-Drink-Snack Break (No Dinner)

4,500 Baht/Person (Minimum at 2 People booking)

Book Now!!! Gets FREE of Charge Transfer in (Airport-Your Hotel)

Strongly recommend: book 1 week before.

This Package is Real Adventure, are you ready? If so, Book Now.

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